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Production industry snapshot – Kinjal J Tanna, Producer, KKDD Film Production

How is the regional production market changing?

Regional markets are changing and constantly evolving. We have to keep pace with other campaigns done across the Middle East and see how we can be a step above or work on certain creative ideas/styles of delivering. There are new production and post-production companies coming up in the region, which goes to show business is growing.


How is demand changing?

Demand is ever increasing and we are constantly on the move to take care of different agency/client requirements – which have been evolving with new and innovative ideas. With new ideas to execute we look for new techniques of delivering them better. Certain times we get challenges with timelines of delivery. A couple of months back we had a client who confirmed a digital film shoot on a Thursday – we shot on Saturday and delivered the film on Sunday and it went live on the Monday.


What is the biggest challenge to regional production houses?

I feel the current challenge we are facing as a production house is being able to deliver a high-quality film or content with certain budget constraints. Although production budgets have come down slightly, the scope of work has not. So we are always looking for a fine line on matching budgets and client requirements and deliverables. Hence we sometimes look at shooting commercials in other countries, which might be more cost effective but ensures a great film at the end of the day.


What high-level reform would most improve the industry?

I guess a high level reform would mean trying to create a producers’ guild/forum where we could interact on a platform with our colleagues across the region and also allow us to have meaningful debates and gain a better understanding of regional markets’ operations and function. This would also allow us to have a form of unity and, although we sometimes compete for a TVC amongst us, it would also let us discuss the various changes and trends amongst agencies and clients. This platform would also give us an opportunity to interact with the likes of the IAA to discuss ideas and means of improving industry relations.


What changes are you most excited to see in the coming few years?

I feel technology is constantly evolving and it is vital to understand and adapt to new trends as they come along. We are currently in talks with teams looking at ideas to develop content for various online platforms. In countries like India and SE Asia, Netflix and Amazon Prime are coming out with some great content and it would be fantastic to work on some local shows – drama, comedy etc. – in Arabic, as well as dubbed into other languages.