Kerning Cultures Network and Egychology partner for new podcast

Ahmed Samir, Egychology’s host, partners with Kerning Cultures Network to launch the podcast, “A Superbly Scientific Podcast”.

With over 1.1m subscribers, Egychology has become a Youtube phenomenon since its creation in 2015. Now, Ahmed Samir, Egychology’s host, is partnering with Kerning Cultures Network to launch his next endeavour, “A Superbly Scientific Podcast”.

Egychology, an educational Youtube series, explains the world through the work and thoughts of scientists, philosophers and writers. Episodes unpack seemingly complex topics like the simulation theory of the universe, the biology of gene manipulation, the physics behind black holes, and the psychology behind depression, amongst others.

Samir created Egychology in 2015 with a personal philosophy: “The world, with its many challenges and obstacles, can sometimes be a very dark place. In an attempt to make it a little better, I feel a responsibility to try and be a light in that darkness. That philosophy combined with my love for teaching came together to make Egychology the youtube channel it is today.” 

Since its inception, Samir has been named the 77th most influential person in the MENA region (2018), given TedX talks, and attended the World Government Summit as a youth representative.

In an effort to stay true to his philosophy, Samir is now launching “A Superbly Scientific Podcast” (بودكاست علمي جدا) in partnership with Kerning Cultures Network.

“A Superbly Scientific Podcast” explores the mind-boggling questions that are both philosophical and scientific in nature, that keep Samir awake at night. With topics like “do aliens exist?” and “who or what are we, as humans, really?” Each episode takes you down a curious rabbit hole, laughing and learning along the way.

Episodes drop every Tuesday, ranging from 10-15 minutes. You can listen to “A Superbly Scientific Podcast” on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any other streaming platform by searching بودكاست علمي جدا. 

Kerning Cultures Network is a podcast player in the region, producing Apple’s 2020 Show of the Year, Bhob, alongside 12 other chart-topping Arabic and English podcasts. KC Network produced Minnana Minnakum with fashion trendsetter, Alaa Balkhy. “A Superbly Scientific Podcast” is their latest collaboration with a contemporary, influential voice in the region.

Podcast Link: https://link.chtbl.com/superbly-scientific