International Women’s Day 2021, by Active DMC’s Sawsan Ghanem

By Sawsan Ghanem, managing partner, Active Digital. Marketing. Communications (Active DMC).

A bit of history….

Dubai is home, I’ve lived here for the greater part of my life. I also lived and studied in the UK for a few years where I gained my BSc in Chemistry & Management from Kings College, London University and MA in International Business, from Webster Graduate School. I am a Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, UK and an award winner.

I thrive when challenged. I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, one I inherited from my father along with an active mind that is always in pursuit of new ideas and opportunities that keep my soul alive and give me a greater sense of achievement.

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I began my career in Communications over 22 years ago. With a few years of experience working for other agencies and in-house, I felt it was time to move on. Both my partner, Louay Al-Samarrai and I felt it was the right time to open a Communications Agency that was strategic, personalized in its client servicing, and holistic in its approach. In summer 2003, Active (www.activedmc.com) opened its doors and we haven’t looked back since.

For me, Active DMC is the culmination of over 18 years of dedicated hard work, nurturing and growing an integrated marketing consultancy that is strategic in its makeup and delivers results. It is a Communications Agency that holds its own not only on a regional level but international too.

My role in a nutshell…

My role has evolved over time and now it’s evolved into more of a mentoring, consulting and navigating one. I still work very closely with the team and am very much involved in our Client’s campaigns from a strategic level, providing guidance and advice where and when necessary. I also feel alive when researching and developing new initiatives and services we can offer to clients and provide the team with access to opportunities to diversify and hone their communication skills. The only way to survive in this crazy and fast-evolving world we work and live in is to pursue a path of learning and evolution. Living with Covid has taught us many hard life lessons, one of them being, Entrepreneurship is the key to success.

Success and a sense of achievement…

We’ve always stayed true to ourselves and what we stand for, no matter what. For both Louay and I, Active’s Client retention track record is one the Agency’s most valuable achievements over the years. We work closely with our clients, we see ourselves as an extension of their team, their business and sometimes have difficult conversations about what we need to do together to achieve their business objectives through the campaigns we run for them. We conduct regular reviews and to check if the campaign is achieving the desired goals or if we need to revisit certain elements of the campaign to give it that oomph.

We have Clients who have valued our counsel for over 12 years and received consistently high scores in our customer feedback surveys conducted over the years.