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Instagram rolls out interview series starring leading creators

Instagram has rolled out a fresh interview series, where notable creators on the platform engage in discussions with Instagram development leaders. They’ll delve into various topics like platform concerns, challenges, and more.

The first episode of the ‘Creator POV’ series features comedy creator ezee talking with Instagram chief Adam Mosseri about everything from platform strategy, new features, the performance of videos versus photos, sharing positivity, to name a few.

The interview series aims to give creators first hand insights into growing on IG, including monetization approaches, community engagement and AI advances.

Leading creators could share their experiences and feature requests directly with Instagram decision-makers, who would then assess the viability of implementing these suggestions. Users can learn how these creators have developed their presence and strategies on the platform.


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The introduction of the interview series represents an approach by Instagram to strengthen its relationship with creators, offer transparency about platform developments and provide them with insights and resources to develop a thriving creator community on the platform.

From a marketing, media, PR, and influencer perspective, it offers opportunities for collaboration, learning, and innovation in content creation and engagement strategies.