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Industry snapshot: Haitham Alkathiri, Abu Dhabi TV Network

Haitham Alkathiri, acting executive director, Abu Dhabi TV Network.

How is technology affecting TV advertising?

There is no doubt that technology is constantly affecting TV advertising both positively and negatively. While it provides advertisers with numerous cost-effective options on digital platforms, it also allows TV to deliver a compelling offering on its linear and OTT services.

At ADM, we heavily invest in our OTT offering to leverage our data to drive more targeted advertising.

How are you responding to the constant changes in consumer content tastes?

Nowadays, our audiences have gained access to a wider array of content platforms, making it harder to attract their attention. However, ADM is striving to deliver high-quality and original content through its platforms with the aim of easing the access to its offering.

Additionally, we are constantly using research and data analytics to refine and improve our understanding of consumption habits. Our programming and distribution networks are continuously being optimised to match our target audiences’ evolving habits.

How has your offering to advertisers evolved in the past year or so?

With the ongoing and accelerating market dynamics, we aim to continuously reinforce our direct relationship with agencies and advertisers to provide them with adapted and tailor-made solutions to match their needs and mandates.

We are also working on strengthening our go-to-market approach that enables ADM’s unique 360-degree coverage of the market.

What changes are you most excited about in the near future?

ADM is looking to strengthen its OTT content offering and providing more advanced advertising solutions in the market (such as ad servers, real-time bidding, etc.), allowing it to be a leading data-driven and content-led media company.