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How Saudia leveraged a “historic showdown” between boxing champs

Riyadh Season’s landmark boxing event, dubbed “Ring Of Fire,” took place recently.

The event was touted to be a  “historic showdown” between two of the sport’s most formidable champions, Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk.

This high-stakes match, held in Saudi Arabia’s capital, promised to be a spectacle of skill and endurance, drawing attention from boxing enthusiasts worldwide.

The event was part of Riyadh Season’s commitment to hosting premier sporting events, and also aimed to highlight the country’s growing influence in the global sports arena.

The anticipation surrounding the fight was palpable, as fans eagerly awaited to see whether Fury’s imposing size and power would overcome Usyk’s agility and technical prowess.

In light of this momentous event, Riyadh Season’s official airline partner, Saudia, commissioned a captivating commercial that encapsulated the intensity and drama from the “Ring Of Fire”.

The advertisement features Fury and Usyk squaring off in a ring dramatically ignited with fire, symbolizing the fierce competition and burning passion of both fighters, as they engage in a war of words.

The visual metaphor aimed to elevate the excitement but also aligned with the event’s fiery branding to capturing the essence of the match.

Saudia has been involved in the production of a number of commercial promos produced over the past months.

The airline recently also created a travel-documentary called Non Stop Saudia promoting the different destinations in the country.

The brand continues to tap into and support the high-profile sports events, and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


Client: Saudia
Ibrahim Aquil – Head of Corporate Brand
Moataz Alandijani – GM Partnerships

Agency: CSM Sports & Entertainment
Aaron Sargeant – Communications Director
Matt McGlinchey – Senior Account Executive

Production House: 815 STUDIOS
Guy Mannion – Director / Editor
Daniel O’Flaherty – Director of Photography / Creative Director
Thomas Mitchell – Executive Producer

CGI Animation: Emotive 3D
Martin O’Connor – Lead Animator
Neil Morris – Executive Producer (CGI Content)
Luke Brown – Visual Effects