Forging Radical ConnectionsTM: BPG showcases interactive brand experiences through revamped BPG LIVE

BPG launches an interactive chat, BPG LIVE, to connect with clients.

Technology and global events are rapidly changing how BPG works and communicates. Making connections – with its customers, audiences and people – even more critical today.

BPG believes that if you want growth, you have to innovate. But if you want exponential growth, you have to connect.

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Radical Connections is their philosophy about creating a competitive advantage for brands by making as many unique connections as possible between people, ideas, products and services aiming to deliver value to the customer first. The more unique connections that can be made, the harder it becomes for competitors to copy success.

“Representative of this approach is the fresh new format of our newsletter BPG LIVE. Interactive and customizable, BPG LIVE truly represents who we are in 2021: an omnichannel, innovation-driven agency, free of conventional siloes, with digital at its heart,” says Avi Bhojani, CEO, BPG.

Unlike traditional newsletters that push the same content to audiences, this new format connects with people and enables them to drive the conversation depending on their topics of interest. Within a span of 24 hours, over 6,000 conversations were initiated through the new interactive format that begins with a simple “Hi”.

“We need to adapt to behavioural shifts in content consumption. Today, people want more autonomy and personalization through their content journey so that it becomes explorative and unique to each individual,” explains Avi, adding: “We created this cool piece of collaborative work in partnership with TechSys (a part of Jupiter Drawing Room) who are based in Cape Town, and are a part of the WPP network just like BPG.”

The new BPG LIVE is a small taster of the interactive brand experiences and communications programs BPG is able to create for clients, all developed and delivered with in-house talents.

Welcome to BPG LIVE 2021.

Click here or scan the QR code and all you need to do is say “Hi”.