Durkan takes over as chairman of Creative Club

The Tribe’s creative director, Andrew Durkan, has been voted the new chairman of Dubai’s ad industry collective, the Creative Club.

Durkan takes over from Marc Lineveldt, regional creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi, who had been chairman since the club’s inception in April last year. Throughout its first year, the Creative Club has been involved in a number of initiatives, including Portfolio Night, the judging of this year’s Young Lions competition, and an industry party at the Dubai Lynx.

“A year in, we’ve developed a very clear picture of the Creative Club’s purpose – to foster creativity in advertising in Dubai,” said Durkan. “For the next year, we’ve set ourselves a series of objectives which we hope will go some way to putting ideas back at the forefront of the business we’re all in. Our website and blog are about to go live. ‘Ad of the month’ will be launched soon. And, we have an education initiative planned with some universities. If we can create a forum and give a voice to the lifeblood of this industry, the creators, then we’ll be doing okay. Oh, and we might have some parties.”