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CreatorUp launches video marketplace

CreatorUp, an LA-based tech company with offices in Dubai as well as Athens, Mumbai and Singapore, has launched its flagship video marketplace product.

With the launch of its video marketplace, CreatorUp helps every organization create engaging videos, quickly and easily, so that they can educate their employees, build new audiences, engage with customers, and roll out new offerings.

Video is a powerful tool for communication as it can impart knowledge, tell a story, evoke emotion, and drive results. It can also be a key method for organizations to grow and enter new markets – whether by offering remote engagement, delivering education and training, or enabling entirely new business lines.

CreatorUp helps educators, entrepreneurs, marketers, leaders, visionaries, and more – meet their growing needs for video content with the ability to “create with a click.”

“Our mission is to level the playing field, so that every organization, large or small, has the ability to unlock the power of video content,” said CreatorUp CEO and Co-Founder Mike Tringe.

“The demand for video is stronger than ever and continuing to grow, but producing high-quality videos is difficult, requiring investments in expensive talent and resources – or engaging agencies with high overhead and finite bandwidth,” added Tringe.

“CreatorUp has eliminated these barriers and made the purchasing and production of video easy. A user only has to browse the Marketplace, select their solution, and check out to get great looking videos made, quickly and cost-effectively.”

Offering 550+ products for all industries and styles, including live-action, animation, and 360VR/XR, the CreatorUp Video Marketplace has solutions for marketing, business communications, education, events, social impact, and live streaming.