Careem causes a buzz with sheep image on app

Residents can order their sacrificial animals on both Careem and Noon Minutes for delivery

An image of a sheep on the Careem app is causing quite a stir online.

Ahead of Eid al-Adha, residents can pre-order their sacrificial animals on both Careem and Noon Minutes and have the meat delivered to their doorsteps.

This is the first time that Udhiya meat has been made available on grocery delivery apps in the country.

Ranging from AED400 to AED2,150, both delivery apps offer a number of options of sheep and goats of varying sizes.

The sheep image on Careem has been shared multiple times on social media, across WhatsApp and traditional media.


“The response so far has been incredible – within just a few days since launching, we’ve witnessed a surge in pre-orders from our customers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi,” said Chase Lario, Head of Groceries at Careem.

It’s also an indication of the necessity and value of the service, and we’re happy to have inspired others to follow suit.”

Tom Sword, Global Head of Brand & Creative at Careem, added: “Full credit to the Grocery team who identified this opportunity to simplify an important tradition, and to our Creative Studio for executing in a way that seems to have captured the imagination.

“And, to Colin Judd our VP of Marketing, who both volunteered his house for the filming, and secured a retirement home for our starring sheep at a petting farm.”

Huge engagement

Over at Noon, it told Campaign Middle East that in the first three days since launching, nearly one million UAE residents have seen and engaged with its dedicated Eid al-Adha section on the app and social media.

“As a homegrown company, it is both our honour and responsibility to support the local community by enabling the observance of important religious traditions,” said Hussein Heiba, Commercial Lead at noon.

“We’re using our technology to ensure the experience is seamless for our customers in the UAE ”