Cannes Lions 2024: see all the Grand Prix winners

Here's a roundup of all the Grand Prix winners from Cannes Lions 2024

Audio and Radio and PR

Specsavers “The misheard version” by Golin London

Specsavers and agency Golin London won the Grand Prix for Audio and Radio, and Golin scooped it for PR, for “The misheard version.”

The work was commended by the jury both for its creativity and “reckless ambition”. It was built on the basis that people are often reluctant to get a hearing test because “it makes them feel old”.

Brand Experience and Activation

Pop Tarts “The first edible mascot” by Weber Shandwick New York

This campaign featured Pop Tarts entering the world of US college football brand sponsorships, which are dominated by generic mascots, before introducing an edible mascot to “die for sponsorships’ sins”.

The campaign picked up coverage across traditional and social media.

Creative Business Transformation

Phillps “Refurb” by LePub Amsterdam

This work showed that after the Christmas period is over, more than 10 million returned gifts end up in landfill, “because making something new is cheaper than rechecking, repacking and reshipping”.

So for last year’s festive season, Philips only sold refurbished products. Some 52,000 refurbed gifts were sold and about 185 tonnes of waste were avoided.

Creative Commerce

The Renault Group “Cars to work” by Publicis Conseil

France’s Publicis Conseil’s “Renault – cars to work” campaign was designed in response to the lack of opportunity faced by many French people trying to find work due to lack of a car or public transport.

The automotive firm provided cars for free to people during job trials, which they would have to pay for only once they had attained full-time employment. Nearly nine million French people were reached and 6000 cars to work were made available, with 50 dealerships on board.

Creative Effectiveness

Heinz “It has to be Heinz” by Rethink

Heinz walked away with the top gong for Creative Effectiveness for its “It has to be Heinz” campaign by indie agency Rethink in Toronto.

The work set out to prove that, of all the thousands of tomato ketchups in the world, there was only one genuine article. People were asked to draw the platonic ideal of ketchup for the campaign, and most drew Heinz, plus it helped lift sales by 12%.

Creative Strategy

KPN “A piece of me” by Dentsu Creative Amsterdam

This campaign for the Dutch telecoms company shone a light on the fast-growing issue of online shaming and the impact on young people’s mental health.

The campaign’s title referred to a song and music video that told the true stories of Gen Z-ers. The track was streamed more than 10 million times and helped change the law against sending intimate images without consent.


Sol Cement “Sightwalks” by Circus Grey

“Sightwalks” was a new system of paving to help visually impaired people identify specific locations, and was developed by the WPP-owned agency, cement brand Sol Cemento and Peru-based organisations dedicated to the visually impaired.

The collaborative effort resulted in Braille-style paving featuring additional vertical lines placed between horizontal ones to denote venues. For example, a bank is represented by two, a grocery shop by three, a hospital by six and a bus stop by five.

Digital Craft

Spotify Advertising “Spreadbeats” FCB New York

Spotify Advertising won the Grand Prix for Digital Craft, alongside a silver and bronze Lion for the category.

B2B campaign “Spreadbeats” was unveiled earlier this month, and was created by Interpublic Group’s FCB New York and produced by Uncharted Limbo Collective in London.

The film is depicted as a music video set within a media plan spreadsheet, and follows an anthropomorphic green cell (E7) through different sheets of ASCII and Unicode artwork to dance track Shiver, produced by John Summit.

Direct and Entertainment – Gaming

Xbox “The everyday tactician” by McCann London

“The everyday tactician” landed both the Direct and Entertainment Grands Prix this year.

The push was built on the idea that football fans often think they can be superior managers to the pros. It was led by Xbox kicking off a recruitment drive using the Football Manager 2024 video game, the winner of which was invited to join Bromley FC as a tactician.

That winner was Nathan Owolabi, who on attaining the “Championes” achievement in-game and having undergone and passed an interview with Bromley manager Andy Woodman, joined the club.


Whatsapp “We are Ayenda” by Creative X Palo Alto and Modern Arts Los Angeles

The work is a documentary that tells the courageous story of the Afghan youth women’s national football team and how they used Whatsapp to orchestrate their escape from their country after it fell to the Taliban in 2021.

It also picked up a gold in the same category.

Entertainment – Music

Johnnie Walker “Errata at 88” by Almap BBDO Sao Paulo

Integrated campaign “Errata at 88” promoted Diageo’s Johnnie Walker, and centred on giving a platform to the overlooked bossa nova singer Alaíde Costa.

Production was handled by the Omnicom agency alongside Cabaret Sao Paulo and The Youth Curitiba.

Entertainment – Sport

Orange “Women’s football” by Marcel

Publicis Groupe’s Marcel won the category’s Grand Prix for its Orange campaign named as “WoMen’s football” but also known as “La compil des Bleues”.

The French agency’s ad superimposed popular French male footballers onto real footage of female players to highlight viewers’ potential preconceptions of female football. The ad was also a Campaign Cannes Contender and went viral globally.

Film Craft

Hornbach “The square metre” by Heimat\TBWA

German DIY-store chain Hornbach and Heimat\TBWA landed the Grand Prix for Film Craft for “The square metre” – a 60-second film showing a man getting ready for his day in various small spaces.

The single square metre space in the spot transforms around him depending on his needs, from a shower to a small dining room table. The man eventually crawls through the space onto a stage where he is greeted by an eruption of applause. It ends with the line: “Every square metre deserves to be the best in the world.”

Industry Craft

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitun “The 100th edition” by Scholz & Friends

“The 100th edition” by German agency Scholz & Friends was German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitun’s 100th addition to its photo series “Brilliant minds”, which began 25 years ago.

The photos have been of famous and notable people reading Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitun in environments representing their work and achievements. “The 100th edition” featured Holocaust survivor and public speaker Margot Friedländer, who had her portrait taken at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin by Wim Wenders.


KVI Brave Fund “Voice 2 Diabetes” by Klick Health Toronto

Medical equipment company KVI Brave Fund worked with Klick Health Toronto to develop “Voice 2 Diabetes”, a diabetes diagnostic solution that enables assessment through voice samples.

To create tool, nearly 18,500 voice recordings were analysed using a smartphone app. By analysing these recordings, 14 acoustic characteristics were identified, leading to a diabetes identification tool that could achieve up to 89% accuracy for women and 86% accuracy for men. The innovation received nearly four billion impressions.

Luxury and Lifestyle

Loewe and Suna Fujita, promotion of collaboration between Loewe and Suna Fujita by Andrea Animates

Spanish fashion house Loewe was awarded the first Luxury and Lifestyle Lions Grand Prix for a short produced by American stop-motion animator Andrea Animates, promoting a collaboration with Japanese ceramic studio Suna Fujita.


Mercado Libre “Handshake hunt” by Gut Sao Paulo

Online retailer Mercado Libre and agency Gut Sao Paulo created “Handshake hunt” to cut through during the lead-up to Black Friday sales in Brazil.

The idea was to place deals from Mercado Libre within TV shows on Brazilian channel Globo, rather than during the typical breaks. Gut did this by identifying moments in which people shook hands in upcoming TV shows, which it deemed “the sign of a good deal”, and Mercado Libre’s logo.

When people shook hands during the selected moments, a QR code appeared on screen linking viewers directly to contextualised offers from the retailer. The spot led to people hunting for the handshakes in TVs shows, which resulted in a giveaway of “more than 50 million vouchers impacting 80 million people”.


Pedigree “Adoptable’ by Colenso BBDOand Magnum “Stairs”, “Corner” and “Doorstep” by Lola MullenLowe

Jurors awarded two Outdoor Grands Prix this year, the first to Magnum for work by Lola MullenLowe, Madrid, as well as Pedigree for its “Adoptable” campaign by Colenso BBDO, Auckland.

Magnum’s outdoor work, which ran in the UK with media handled by Mindshare London, won for three executions – “Stairs”, “Corner” and “Doorstep” – depicting moments of people finding rays of sunlight in the winter.

Pet-food company Pedigree, meanwhile, won for its campaign matching potential new owners to rescue dogs by upgrading canine photos to studio-quality shots and featuring them in outdoor ads that direct people to an adoption site.

Print and Publishing

Coca-Cola “Recycle me” by Ogilvy New York

Coca-Cola’s “Recycle me” by Ogilvy New York, landed the Print and Publishing Grand Prix for 2024. The work showed Coca-Cola’s famous logo being crumpled repeatedly in a variety of ways, including by hand, a recycling plant press and vacuums, all in the name of urging people to “recycle me”.

Social and Influencer

CeraVe “Michael CeraVe” by Ogilvy PR New York

This campaign was designed to counter disinformation — pushed by Michael Cera himself — that the actor was the brains behind CeraVe’s moisturising cream.

The work got the Bronze Lion in the Entertainment Lions too.

This article first made an appearance on Campaign UK.