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Campaign Annual : Top 10 Youtube Videos of 2019

Here are the Top 10 Youtube Videos of 2019 in the MENA region, ranked by Google

1. Channel: ImediaSeries
Title: Super Mero impresses children at a party with a song by Risha Costa and Samara Now.
About: A song popular in Egypt gets performed at a children’s party (part of a TV series).

2. Channel: Ameer Alabadi
Title: Ameer’s funny sketchlwith Ghaiouthi (Ghaith didn’t readlhis lessons)
About: Ameer acts like a mother inlthis sketch, showing how angry almum becomes when her son doesn’t do his homework and prepare forlhis lessons.

3. Channel: Ameer Bros
Title: Spicy food challenge
About: A taste test of Korean samyang ramen noodle vs. sour beef and lime Indonesian Indomie soup noodles.

4. Channel: Ashhaal Wasafat
Title: Cold cake in 10 minutes without oven, eggs or cream – easy and amazing
About: A recipe for cold cake explained in a tutorial.

5. Channel: Ahmed Albasheer
Title: The opening theme from the TV show Lakha

6. Channel: Khalejia TV
Title: Shabab Al Bomb (TV series) season 8, episode 7

7. Channel: Ramez Galal
Title: Watch the reaction of Fifi Abdo after seeing Ramez Galal in Al Shalal
About: The show is a prank show.

8. Channel: MBC Little Big Stars
Title: MBC Little Big Stars presents: Ayoush explains the reasons her dance got popular and
trended online

9. Channel: Dstor
Title: Prank – body cut in half

10. Channel: Haider Beloved
Title: Haidouri teaches girls the recipe for kullaije
About: A child, popular on YouTube, teaches people the recipe for a popular Iraqi dessert.