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Abla Fahita: Drama Queen

Abla Fahita: Drama Queen, a Publicist Inc campaign sparked regional conversations with 100 per cent earned coverage.

The witty famous Egyptian widow, Abla Fahita, one of the most popular TV presenters in the region starred for the first time in a scripted show Abla Fahita: Drama Queen, an Arabic Netflix Original series. The show is centred around Abla Fahita, the illustrious diva, who goes on the run after being implicated in a crime she didn’t commit. Separated from her children Caro and Boudi and shunned by society in the action-packed comedy and scripted drama.

Publicist Inc’s team took a deep dive into the challenges as fans were expecting a version of Abla TV show and never saw her acting in a scripted show before, in addition to the storyline of the show that is full of drama and action and not as how Abla Fahita audience is used to see and hear her.

Accordingly,  a Publicity campaign curated to re-introduce Abla to the audiences outside of Egypt and highlight the difference between Abla as a TV host and Abla the Drama Queen by positioning Abla Fahita as a celebrity entering the scripted drama world. While Shedding light on her universe and her family such as her daughter and talking about Caro’s journey of fame, debuting in the show, and being a core character.

The Publicity team was inspired by the creativity of show star and worked on a campaign that was based on creating new media engagement formats with an ultimate objective to create new interview formats and concepts with regional online and traditional outlets to spark conversation and travel among the right target audience and also aimed at 100 per cent earned coverage in regional press that has a strong reach on social media.

Abla Fahita & Caro went on a studio tour to Dubai, so they can put their family dilemma in action and talk about their newest show in a fun, light & creative way. Both stars were interviewed by a selective range of broadcast outlets like Sky News Arabia, ET Bil Arabi, and MBC trending which have a strong social media presence and reach. Each of these interviews had its own creative concept behind it. ET Bil Arabi lived a full day with Abla and Caro in Palazzo Versace Hotel, Dubai. While Caro had to sneak behind Abla Fahita, her mother to get her own moment of fame while talking with MBC Trending.

The campaign star idea was the full earned collaboration with Vogue Arabia magazine. Where Publicist inc team worked with the Executive Producers and Vogue Arabia on securing and creating ideas to talk with Abla Fahita about the show in a fun and subtle way.  The collaboration started with creative shooting with Vogue Arabia in Cairo and then a detailed interview about Abla Fahita’s journey of success, which helped a lot in positioning Abla as a celebrity and get her out as the TV show host. Then it was wrapped with the big bang activity where Abla Fahita took over the Vogue Arabia concept. In this creative PR campaign,  Abla Fahita took over Manuel Arnaut, Vogue Arabia editor in chief’s job and he started working for her after losing a bet. This was fun, creative, true to Abla, the Drama Queen show, and Vogue Arabia audience. Through this engagement, conversations sparked among celebrities, creatives, audiences, Netflix fans, and more.

Such creative strategies and interview formats travelled within the region and met the right audience, created the right positioning for Abla, and introduced Caro to the press.

One of the key elements of success was sustaining the campaign and conversation momentum pre, during, and post-show launch and this goes back to embargo the interviews and concepts within a timeline that will make the audience hunger to see and watch more from Drama Queen.