Smartphones are for everyone, by Samsung’s Mais Al Masri

By Mais Al Masri, MX Marketing Part Leader, Samsung Electronics.

Today, a world without smartphones is just as unimaginable as a forest without trees and an ocean without water. Smartphones are an integral part of the digital culture that defines present-day civilisations. These hand-held power devices have the ability to connect people in a multitude of impactful and empowering ways. Saying that they are indispensable for managing our daily lives is by no means an exaggeration.

Are smartphones gender-biased?

However, have you ever thought if smartphones were created as a one-size-fits-all device? At Samsung, we have been very keen since the beginning to look beyond that, and focus more on the innovations, features, capabilities, functions, that resonates with both males and females. This is clearly evident from our wide range of products that cater to all customer preferences– regardless of their gender.

Gradually, smartphone brands started creating many options in design and sizes giving consumers a choice and abolishing the one-size-fits-all concept.

Going beyond gender:

Things are different today, thankfully. Beyond the size and design of a device, the choice now depends on the usage and the need of the customers, beyond their gender. A gaming enthusiast, for instance, would go for a bigger screen in a smartphone, than someone who wants a phone for communicating. The smartphones of today are gender-neutral and need-focused.

At Samsung, especially in our extensive series of Galaxy smartphones, we consider both genders, where the Samsung Galaxy range offers innovative features specifically designed to improve the user experience, for both our male and female consumers. Such features, which gives users options to express themselves, include improved cameras for capturing and sharing memories, smooth viewing and scrolling experience, as well as, go-to apps tailored to their unique needs.

Our focus is to create devices that accommodate the modern-day, tech-driven lifestyles by developing digital solutions and tools that would make the lives of the customers easier, regardless of their gender. Since the very beginning, we are proud to be offering products that consider both genders and cater to different preferences, and we don’t limit ourselves to smartphones – this applies across the whole range of Samsung products.