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Samsung x TikTok: the power of deep engagement

In an era where Gen-Z has been driving transformation across the digital ecosystem, more than 65 per cent of them reported reverting to social mediums to access entertaining content. Samsung is no stranger to this fact and wanted to provide their younger target audience with a unique & amusing experience that shifts away from traditional modes of advertising with the launch of their Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone.

To communicate the phone’s trend-setting features and drive the right consumer engagement, Samsung Gulf – in collaboration with Cheil & Starcom – partnered with TikTok to leverage their growing audience presence in the region as well as a diverse ad product offering. The ingredients of this campaign consisted of running a hashtag challenge that entices users to participate in a gamified experience of a maze, which was found quite challenging to complete hence leading to increased user participation. The incentive of winning the new Galaxy Z Flip3 once users have completed the maze was announced through recognizable creators in the market, who also took part in the game and were promoted through Spark Ads. TopView ads have also driven maximal exposure to the campaign and the brand at large, and are the ideal tool for brands that are looking to drive a large impact on a top funnel level.

The record-breaking KPIs achieved cross-funnel matched the brand’s DNA of innovation, recording +20PPTS lift in awareness, +24PPTS lift in recommendation and +18PPTS in purchase intent. An average of 113 seconds were spent on the gamified effect – which aligns with GenZ’s love for challenge. Such results have proved how a brand can positively disrupt a consumer’s journey when matching their advertising techniques with what they are looking for online.

TikTok has been growing significantly and has supported Samsung in unlocking the power of deep engagement, showcasing how brands must shift away from consistent content and into a more meaningful experience for their viewers.