Partner Content by Walid Yared, Chief Marketing Officer, Choueiri Group.

Choueiri Group’s Media and Advertising Market Update for 2019 aims to provide a snapshot of the rapid evolution of the media market over the last few years and takes a closer look at how shifts in advertising revenues are changing the course of our industry. In doing so, this report also identifies some of the most crucial trends and developments that are being embraced across the wider global media landscape and are beginning to steadily make their way into the MENA market. 

Overall, the single largest component of change within the media market has been brought about by digital disruption. Today, the media mix continues to be shaped by the growing influence of digital and social media technologies. At the heart of this transformation are the ever-evolving behaviour and expectations of brands and their consumers  (media users). 

Today’s users are still opting to consume content, with a growing preference for video content. What has changed is that they are no longer loyal to any specific platform. Their needs are driven by their desire to consume content at any time, anywhere, across any device or platform. For brands, the challenge has therefore become how best to connect with users across as many touch points as possible, while retaining the right context and the right timing, along with brand safety and budgetary considerations.

With technological innovations supporting the development of many sophisticated tools and solutions, advertisers are now able to consolidate a seamless mix of data, research and measurement capabilities, to conduct a thorough evaluation of each stage of the user journey and strive to improve campaign performance.



  • Anticipated to grow in 2019 at roughly the same rate as they did in 2018.
  • Digital advertising’s share continues to soar, ever since it caught up with TV’s share in 2016 and surpassed it in 2017.
  • TV continues to witness a minor decline in share, remaining stable in 2019. 
  • Print media’s decline continues to be the most prominent. 
  • Outdoor, radio and cinema advertising hold up steady with no major shifts. 


  • More or less aligned with global trends and are anticipated to grow in 2019.
  • Print media’s share continues to decline.
  •  TV’s share fell by 2% from 2017 to 2018 but is anticipated to remain steady and stagnant in 2019.
  •  Digital’s share grew to 40% in 2018 to surpass TV’s share for the first time. It is anticipated to remain steady and stagnant in 2019.
  •  Print media fell 2% from 2017 to 2018 but is expected to remain stable and stagnant in 2019.
  •  Outdoor, radio and cinema advertising are anticipated to remain stable in 2019. 

Following in the footsteps of the “performance marketing” industry’s global growth during the last four years, regional brands are also steadily moving towards this trend. Today, performance marketing has become one of the most prominent pillars, as an advertising and revenue-generating tool, and will continue to see more investments from advertisers into the future.

Amongst these new performance-focused tools, “TV attribution modelling” stands out as an upcoming top-line solution. Aligned with the cutting-edge practices of global markets, the focus has shifted to reiterating TV’s prowess as a potent medium that can effectively deliver on the traditional brand front, as well as the newly valued performance front. With TV attribution, brands can measure the value of TV’s impact on quality lead generation and actual sales and therefore value how TV stands out in driving performance. This is a powerful recipe, which most prominently has fueled the launch of Choueiri Group’s “Brand4mance” – The MENA region’s first ever TV attribution performance product. 

With all of this in mind, it would be safe to conclude that the synergy that comes from leveraging TV and digital together has proven to be effective not just for branding, but also on the performance level. In extending the best solutions and technological innovations to regional brands, Choueiri Group’s digital arm DMS has also been successful in launching “DMS Perform”. This service offers brands high marketing performance for their advertising campaigns, by delivering results in terms of actual conversions and the double benefits of brandformance and leadformance.

Digital and TV/video’s growth will continue to come from their sustained ability to take share of revenues from print media, while staple mediums such as radio, outdoor and cinema will continue to retain their importance and momentum in supporting the success of campaigns.