New creative ideas and communications service arrives to UAE

The platform rides in on the wave of idea as a service, an up-and-coming trend of new business in the Middle East.

Omar Khan, Founder and CEO, iwantanidea.com
Omar Khan, Founder and CEO, iwantanidea.com

iwantanidea.com, a UAE-based creative & communications consultancy, has officially launched operations across the country.

Founded by seasoned and senior PR and communications professional Omar Khan, iwantanidea.com is a new service that offers bold, creative ideas, bespoke communication strategies, and highly professional PR consultation to small-medium enterprises.

iwantanidea.com is a service curated for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME’s to support with ideas, strategies and consultation related to brand awareness, PR or marketing strategies, events, product or service launches, social media campaigns and other creative communication tactics.

The nature of the service allows a client to purchase bespoke and creative proposals based off a given brief, whilst retaining full autonomy and rights to bring the idea to life themselves, or through partnering with one of iwantanidea.com’s preferred and recommended partners.

Khan said,  “The PR and Communications industry needs a shake-up,” on the launch of the new service platform.

“With Dubai alone seeing a 550 per cent annual rise in global SMEs attracted to the emirate, we need to be able to provide affordable communication services to a phenomenally fast-growing market segment that wants big, bold and creative ideas to help take their businesses to the next level,” he said.

The concept of iwantanidea.com is simple. Ideas have value. Whether they’re part of an overall brand strategy, cool concepts for a new business proposal, or part of an internal brainstorm that leads to a fully-fledged executable experience.

These all take time, effort and creative insight to develop and deliver. iwantanidea.com believes that it’s important to remunerate agencies, freelancers and creative professionals for the work involved with producing an idea.

While most current agency models include these services as part of their overall fee structure, iwantanidea.com offers the choice of a more affordable ‘pay as you go’ model, where clients can purchase bespoke strategies with creative ideas on an ad hoc basis.

Each client is provided with an idea that is meticulously produced with relevance to the brief, taking into consideration current trends, insights and data from reputable and locally relevant sources. iwantanidea.com is suited to entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME’s who want creative ideas and professional consultancy to help elevate their businesses, but may not necessarily be able to afford hefty retainer fees for communications and related services.

“We provide individual project and tailored rates depending on the scale of the brief, offering more cost-friendly alternatives for clients whilst still ensuring strategic, creative and relevant thinking at its highest level,” said Khan.

iwantanidea.com also acts as a conduit to leaders within the communications and creative industry. Placing emphasis and value on the quality of its creative ideas, the service works seamlessly with its network of professionals to ensure flawless execution of the ideas it produces.

“I’m very excited to be launching iwantanidea.com in the market and look forward to working together with clients, the industry and the region on bringing big ideas to life that are both memorable and impactful.”