Listen now! Campaign’s ‘On The Record’ Podcast – Highly placed: brand integration – how to do it right

Highly placed: brand integration – how to do it right

In this episode, Campaign’s editor Austyn Allison is joined by Head of Brand Integration at MMS, Rami Salame to explain how brands can work with media outlets to become not only part of the narrative but play a leading role. Good brand integration can drive stories forward and build product affinity, forging an emotional connection with audiences.

Podcast in Anghami –> https://play.anghami.com/episode/1029324874

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Host and script: Austyn Allison, editor, Campaign Middle East

Guest: Rami Salame, Head of Brand Integration, MBC Media Solutions

Editing: Georges ‘Josh’ Rouhana (Anghami) and Sofia Serrano

Production: Sofia Serrano