Measuring Influencers

LexisNexis has produced a five-point plan to make the most of a social marketing strategy

With the rise of the digital age, more industries are taking advantage of the technological advancements and digital methods that can positively affect their lines of work. Specifically, public relations and marketing professionals are utilising strategies such as influencer marketing, which gives them a better way to target people who affect their consumers. Essentially, influencer marketing uses social media platforms and user data to determine which individuals leverage consumer behaviours, ultimately driving them to make purchases, grow businesses or spread brand awareness. That’s what makes understanding how to measure social media influencers so critical for PR professionals.

In today’s world of marketing and promotions, moving beyond basic metrics is key for targeting consumers efficiently and effectively. It takes further evaluation of data to determine which social influencers can help grow your business and acquire more customers. Embracing the power of social media platforms can take your strategy to the next level. So how can PR professionals use data analytics to evaluate potential social influencers more comprehensively? In this infographic, LexisNexis highlight five keys to measuring
social media influencers to make best use of your marketing strategy.