Huawei Ads rebrands to Petal Ads

Huawei Ads platform announced its rebrand to Petal Ads.  According to a statement, the rebranding aims to mark the evolution of platform to go beyond Huawei devices, and reflect the growth of ecosystem to integrate over 360,000 global publishers and ad partners.

Huawei Ads is a marketplace platform that deals with ad requests and integrates global publishers. The move was undertaken to establish and reflect the ability of the platform to serve customers beyond Huawei devices. 

On rebranding to Petal Ads, a spokesperson said, “While ‘Petal’ can be seen as strong symbol for growth, it is also a symbol for rejuvenation.We are committed to leading the way in sustainability in digital advertising. By leveraging our learnings in all-scenario products & experiences, we hope to work alongside our partners to build an ecosystem where revenue growth and sustainability go hand in hand.”

Petal Ads, formerly Huawei Ads, also said, “Like the petals of a flower, it is only when all sides of the advertising ecosystem come together in perfect harmony, that something special emerges. Our mission for Petal Ads, is to be a connector in a sea of possibility. By working together with media partners, publishers, advertisers, MMPs and Industry bodies, we will continue to bring innovative ad experiences to all smart device users around the world.”