How to capture the Saudi market during Eid

Assembly’s Najoua Sarrikhi shares six key things to keep in mind when building an Eid strategy for Saudi

Eid Al Adha is upon us, and Saudi Arabia is buzzing with festivities ahead of the season.

This translates into one thing for businesses: a surge in consumer spending! Such a surge should of course be reflected throughout your campaign planning and Eid strategy.

Here’s six key things to keep in mind when building your strategy.

1. Saudi consumer habits and Eid

Reports indicate a significant increase in spending compared to previous Eids 46 per cent increase in spending sentiment indicates a strong desire for celebratory shopping (Report on Saudi Arabia Economy).

The study showed that consumers are preparing to celebrate with a focus on different categories: groceries, clothing, fragrances, home decor, and dining experiences. However, marketers should keep in mind that the early bird gets the worm.

The closer you get to Eid, the more crowded the marketing landscape becomes. By launching your campaigns early, at least two weeks before Eid, you can grab consumer attention before they’re bombarded with offers from your competitors.

2. Promotions that pop

With consumers engaged, targeted promotions and discounts are a surefire way to grab attention. This doesn’t have to be just about price cuts; consider offering limited-edition Eid collections or themed Eid Gifts.

A well-planned early campaign can build anticipation for your Eid offerings. Teaser ads, subtle social media hints, and early bird discounts can generate excitement and keep your brand top-of-mind as shoppers start planning their Eid purchases.

3. Emotions matter

Eid is about family and togetherness. Weave this sentiment into your campaigns by showing how your products can enhance the celebratory spirit and create lasting memories.

4. Localisation is key

While trends might be similar across the region, tailor your strategy to the Saudi market. Are there any special Eid traditions in Saudi Arabia that influence consumer preferences?

Understanding these nuances can give you an edge. Also, understanding the gift-giving culture in Saudi Arabia presents a golden opportunity for your business.

5. Building brand loyalty

Eid is a time for fostering brand loyalty. Consider loyalty programs or exclusive Eid discounts for repeat customers. Offer personalised recommendations based on past purchases or browsing history.

Extend exceptional customer service, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. By going the extra mile, you can create lasting positive impressions and encourage customers to return to your brand throughout the year.

6. Refining your strategy

Starting early gives you valuable time to analyse campaign performance and adjust as needed. This allows you to optimise your messaging, target specific demographics more effectively, and ensure your offerings resonate with the evolving needs of your audience.

By tapping into the increased spending power and focusing on the emotional aspects of Eid, you can position yourself for a successful and profitable festive season

By Najoua Sarrikhi, Performance Director, Assembly MENA