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Harvey Nichols – The Reaction Collection

To raise awareness of the new Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection at Harvey Nichols, Y&R Dubai has highlighted the impact this collection could possibly have on other people. The agency created a special media operation for ‘The Reaction Collection’ and replaced the eyes of people looking at the new collection in the print ads with googly eyes stuck on the print ads.

Project The Reaction Collection
Client Harvey Nichols
Brief Announce the launch of the new Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection
Creative agency Y&R Dubai
Creative directors Shahir Zag, Kalpesh Patankar
Copywriter Shahir Zag
Art director Kalpesh Patankar
Planner Nadine Ghossoub
Photographer James Day
Agency producer Amin Soltani
Exposure Print, outdoor

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  • I’m reminded of the power puff girls when looking at this advert. Not sure if that’s a good thing.

    If the intent was to be comedic and or smart this feels unfinished .. you should have shot the add with the bell boy dropping the bags and the women put their hands to their faces to convey some of the envy that was meant to be implied ..

    also shouldn’t she – the subject of said envy – have some kind of satisfied expression on her face instead of looking so dull?

    does no one think of these details before these ads are released?

    Commit people! Commit to the end!

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