Footballco reveals plans to launch audience segmentation in MENA

Footballco audience segmentation MENA
Footballco has revealed its plans to launch a cross-platform audience segmentation and targeting solution for the MENA region

Global football content and media company Footballco has revealed its plans to launch a cross-platform audience segmentation and targeting solution for the MENA region. It will roll out the service on its local platform Kooora in the region.

FC Precision aims to help brands reach fans through their specific interests ahead of the end of third-party cookies.

It will target key audiences within Footballco’s portfolio of media brands to include interests apart from football such as travel, gaming, fashion, technology and film.

The company has currently launched FC Precision across the company’s global football publication, GOAL, including its 17 localised editions. It also operates on its web-video player, FC Player across Footballco-owned properties, with plans to roll out across third-party sites.

Footballco has been using FC Precision with a select number of existing clients and is now offering it as a service to its entire portfolio and new clients.

FC Precision combines data sources, such as Footballco ID, behavioural data, declared data, lookalike profiling, and survey feedback, with in-house customised segmentation to target specific audience segments across web, app and social media.

Footballco ID is an identifier given to fans using Footballco products who opt-in to the system – allowing Footballco to build profiles based on the content they consume and how they engage, such as completing surveys or buying products.

Vanessa Horgan, Footballco SVP of Revenue Operations, said: “At Footballco we recognise that football fans are not one dimensional, especially when operating at the scale that we do. So it’s vital that our partners can reach not only football fans at scale but also target their varied interests outside of football.

“By tying behavioural, inferred and declared data points to our audiences, we are able to offer bespoke, performative, addressable audiences and richer insights to our clients and agencies across the lifecycle of a campaign.”

Chris Austin, SVP of data, insight and growth at Footballco, said: “Precision has already delivered business, travel and gaming audiences for clients with more custom solutions underway. This is underpinned by the huge scale of the audience Footballco serves combined with the unique data we collect – we have approaching one billion Footballco IDs.

“This wealth of data and insight means we’re in a great position now or whenever Google decides is this right time to remove third-party cookies.”

FC Precision will soon launch across across the company’s other web and social brands in other regions, including Kooora (MENA), Voetbalzone (Netherlands), Spox (Germany), and Calciomercato (Italy).