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Five ads I wish I’d made, and one I did – by Bold’s Ziad Abou Rjeily

Ziad Abou Rjeily, creative and technology director at Bold Agency, picks ads on the theme of "Brands who found meaning in what they do"

By Ziad Abou Rjeily, creative and technology director at Bold Agency

I am going start this article with a statement that contradicts the name of this section and probably makes me unpopular too…

“I don’t believe in advertising”.

Yes, that’s right. I believe brands don’t need it; Neither does the world.

Instead, my philosophy is centered around the belief that brands are part of the society and just like everyone else. Each brand has a purpose for existence and a role to play.

So here comes the theme that I chose:

Brands who found meaning in what they do.


Stories I wish I made:

1- The field trip to Mars

Lockheed Martin, the giant arms manufacturer, decided to utilize its vast resources and technology to enter the aerospace industry and space exploration.

They’ve set a goal to create the technology that will send humans to Mars and make it ready for the next generation of astronauts.

This is how they delivered their message:

Agency: McCann New York

Brand: Lockheed Martin



2- The power of wind

If the wind is a person, what he might be like?

This story is a great example of how you can find meaning in anything around you and storify it.

Simple and strong.


Brand: Epuron





3- World’s toughest job

Mothers, the infinite source of love. You really can’t quantify their love, can you?

This story gave us a new perspective on motherhood and framed it in a new way that every working person can relate to.

You can never look at your mom the same way after it.

Agency: MullenLowe

Brand: American Greetings





4- Explained

Rehlat, a leading travel agency in the Arab world chose to take on the role of exporting the hygiene practices of our region to the world while positioning itself as a brand that cares for its people.

The outcome is a mockumentary series that communicates personal hygiene from an Arab perspective. It’s something spectacular.


Brand: Rehlat




5- #LikeAGirl

From tactical feature-driven communication to women empowerment. It’s inspiring to see the transformation “Always” did.

Agency: Leo Burnett

Brand: P&G



And one I did…

Tweet for heat

This campaign has a special place in my heart as it was a pivotal moment in my career.

It came in at a time when the media attention for the Syrian refugees cause started to fade, while their suffering didn’t.

So we asked ourselves, how can we bring the attention back to help them pass through this harsh winter?

The answer was innovation.

Let’s connect donations with the warmth they spread.