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Durex – SOS Condoms

Durex and Buzzman Middle East have turned a product into a service by launching the first condom delivery service. Via their smarpthone (iOS) or on the dedicated website, users will be able to order one of three Durex products between 4pm and 4am. Condoms will be delivered in ‘discreet’ ways within the hour. To launch the SOS Condoms service, Buzzman has released an online video showing the efficiency of the service (above). Launched as a test in Dubai, the initiative is intended to be rolled out to other countries.

Project SOS Condoms
Client Durex
Creative agency Buzzman Middle East
CEO and creative director Georges Mohammed-Cherif
General manager Thomas Granger
Executive manager Adil Zghaoui
Account managers Julien Levilain, Chloé Crémois
Strategic planner  Renaud Berthe
Artistic direction Regis Boulanger
Copywriter Romain Repellin
TV producer and art buyer Vanessa Barbel, Elodie Poupeau
Web production Laurent Marcus, Julie Bourges, Romain Goutte
Social media and PR Hubert Munyazikwiye, Thomas Schmitt, Sandrine Girard
Film production Les Télécréateurs
Director Adrien Armanet
Digital production Anonymous


  • This is a great idea… I just wonder how accurate this app is and if it really works or is this just an awards driven case study. Has anyone tried it yet?

  • This part of the world is full of complexities.

    Sex without marriage is illegal yet condoms and other sex aid materials are everywhere. Alcohol is illegal yet hotel doors are open for everyone. Protestation is illegal yet it’s well organized in 5-stars hotels and even nearly published using business cards and online. Dah!

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