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Amplify and dubizzle say #dubizzleit in new campaign

The dubizzle team along with Amplify have created a catchy campaign, featuring the #dubizzleit song.  

According to dubizzle, If you need anything to buy or sell, all you need is dubizzle. Nearly every person who moves to Dubai has used dubizzle for finding something; whether it’s a home, car, pet or their first couch. 

The storyboard starts with the lead, played by Flo Akinbiyian, flying over the UAE with the captain announcing their impending arrival in Dubai. Finding that he is unable to use dubizzle while on the flight, Flo decides not to wait and skydives straight into Dubai and lands at the iconic Palm Jumeirah. The creative then proceeds to show how, from the moment he lands, Flo walks into the world of dubizzle, after symbolically emerging from the fridge to find everything from a home on the Palm to a mobile in your palm, without any hassle. Taking inspiration from the trendy dance moves popular on social media, the storyboard aims to display all the fun aspects of the UAE that you can explore through dubizzle, including dancers, flamingos, motorbikes, and televisions. 

Flo gives the viewers a sneak peek into the new dubizzle car hub, while briefly showcasing the dubizzle car’s service. The final scene also pays homage to an initiative close to the dubizzle team, their “Adopt don’t Shop” CSR initiative, with the “Trusted by dubizzle” badge, complete with the dubizzle mascot and the incredibly cute canine talent Muffin, cruising on a Harley Davidson. 

In an ad that encapsulates dubizzle in 60 seconds, the team wanted to create a campaign that resonated with audiences across the UAE and allowed them to have a little fun while dancing and grooving to the signature rap track. 


Client: dubizzle
Agency: Amplify Dubai

Steve Kilby – Director
Hannah Warman- Producer & Account manager
Antony Shepperd- Art Director
Kris Brody- DOP
Emmanuel Oluwapelumi- Cameraman and Post Production
Sanika Kelkar- Production assistant
Gary Federenko – SFX

John S -Cameraman
Sai Kran- Post production/SFX
Jerome Martinez- Designer

Flo Akinbiyian – Lead actor
Ali- Actor
Ibrahim- Actor
Arthur- Actor
Nemanja- Actor
Muffin – Doggy actor

Mohammed – Dancer
Marianne – Dancer
Gervais – Dancer