Top 10 The Spin


1 If you want an example of why typography matters, look no further than this appetising sign offering delivery of… what?

2 We present this ad for a UAE cake delivery service without comment.

3 We’re not too sure what ‘NonceBlox’ is. But anyone familiar with UK prison slang (don’t ask; it was a long time ago, and we’ve gone straight now) probably isn’t putting their trust in it.

4 Much of the talk about Apple’s iOS recently has revolved around the removal of ad tracking. People don’t want their phones to know too much about them. The Spin is terrified after the latest update to our iPhone that it knows something really important that we don’t.

5  “Avoid the HERO trap!” (sender’s capitals, sender’s exclamation mark) was the headline of a frankly perplexing email (not pictured). “We don’t need heroes!” it proclaimed (sender’s exclamation mark again). It then leapt into the assertion that “Moral leadership is a verb”.

“I moral leadership”, “you moral leadership”, “he/she/it moral leaderships”… Nope, The Spin isn’t sure we agree.

6  This airline may be the largest carrier in Kazakhstan, but that doesn’t stop The Spin sniggering at its name.

7 The act of fasting through Ramadan is traditionally a way for those of us who are more fortunate to feel solidarity with those who can’t afford to eat well. It helps us appreciate what we have, by going without food through the day and then being grateful that we have the means to break our fasts at sunset. So the Spin feels this company offering the opportunity to experience “Iftar in the Sky”, billed as “the most expensive Ramadan experience” (AED 66,000, thanks for asking) might be missing the spirit of the season a little.

8  Remember the almost poetic levels of purple prose that would accompany real-estate announcements in the good ol’ boom days? Well, Omniyat is bringing superlatives back: “The Opus by Omniyat is a shining example of a luxury lifestyle retreat created to perfection. From a world-renowned architect to celebrity chefs and fine dining, a design hotel experience to now a limited collection of luxury residences that offer an ownership of history, this iconic property has become one of the most sought-after destinations in the UAE. The Opus by Omniyat offers a work, live, stay, eat, play opportunity to all those entering its undulating curves.” That’s a lot to live up to.

9 Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say. But perhaps not when your brand is Lego and the company imitating you makes handguns. The Danish toy manufacturer sent a cease-and-desist notice to US armourer Culper Precision for making this pistol that looks like it’s meant to be played with. We can see why.

10 When we clicked on this article about trouble on a plane, The Spin was disappointed to find out that the people detained were more wannabe terrorists than wannabe octopuses.