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TikTok Hosts Its First Edition of #ForYou Summit in the MENAT Region

TikTok for Business METAP hosted its first edition of the “For You Summit” in the MENAT region, with the aim of enabling marketers and creators to make the most of its holistic brand solutions and building their communities on the platform. The summit was hosted by senior TikTok representatives alongside clients and key industry executives, from local, regional and international brands.

The pioneering summit took a hybrid format, hosting attendees on-ground while being entirely live-streamed, combining the best of the digital and physical event experiences and redefining what we have come to expect in the new age of socially distanced and digital summits.

Shant Oknayan, General Manager of Global Business Solutions, TikTok Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “A billion users come to TikTok every month to be entertained as they create, learn, engage, laugh, buy, sell or discover something new and believe me, we don’t take that for granted. I’m humbled by how this community has leaned-in, both in terms of content consumption and content creation. And I’m grateful for the people who joined the event physically and virtually, for their partnership and their trust. I promise so much more from TikTok for Business in the future.”

The opening session was hosted by Shant Oknayan accompanied by none other than Gary Vaynerchuck, Chairman of VaynerX, and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency servicing Fortune 100 clients across the company’s five locations more popularly known as ‘GaryVee’. Gary and Shant shared a candid conversation on the new media landscape, covered the next biggest trends in the entertainment space and shared tips and tricks for brands to remain relevant. One particular focus was on the importance of collaborating with the right creators and focusing on impactful metrics. The biggest take-away is focusing on relevance, which has become the new reach. The session highlighted the world of benefits they can redeem, including winning viewers’ share of heart by tapping into the TikTok community.

Adding real-life examples and testimonies to the mix, some of TikTok’s successful regional clients joined the stage and shared their experience with the audience, with particular focus on the importance of authenticity, collaboration and community. In a guest panel during the summit themed around how performance can get creative, Mehdi Moutaoukil, Chief Marketing Officer of L’Oréal, along with Klime Mickovski, Director of Marketing, Abu Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism and Stanislas Brunais, Head of Marketing for Ounass, shared their journey on the platform and the unparalleled levels of engagement they’ve witnessed. In a live demo session on stage, which involved a deep dive into cognitive functions when engaging with TikToks content, Ramesh Redekar, Brand Health Tracking Lead, Ipsos and Mike Storm, Chief Operating Officer, Neurons decoded how TikTok directly impacts purchase decisions, which is the result of the platform humanizing the digital shopping experience and putting the community at the centre of the journey.

The UAE’s beloved local celebrity and TikTok creator, Khalid Al Ameri, emceed the event, adding his unique mix of humour, authenticity and joy to the run of the show. He also gave an overview of his journey as a prominent TikTok creator and the positive impact the platform has had on him and his family.

The Summit generated exceptional engagement by thousands of people online and offline. Those who attended physically enjoyed immersive booths and installations which felt like stepping into the platform.

On the other hand, those who tuned into the livestream online, were also able to engage with digital photo-booths, games and TikTok Branded Effects, before sharing it with their own audience. Not just that, participants who generated the highest scores from the digital games were awarded exclusive TikTok merchandise to mark the experience.

Overall the TikTok #ForYou Summit was centred around feelings of togetherness, community, authenticity and joy, which is a reflection of what TikTok itself offers. TikTok once again demonstrated how inclusive the platform is for creators, brands, agencies, researchers and audiences, and the brightest minds can come together and engage together like never before. TikTok for Business will continue to support businesses of all sizes to unleash their creativity, whilst engaging with their real and authentic community and grow.

Those who missed it, can watch the summit here and view all the highlights by exploring the #ForYouSummit hashtag on socials.