The GenX Media announces new co-founder

The GenX Media, a modern-age ad tech agency in Dubai, has appointed Ravi Dutt as its co-founder.

In his role as a co-founder, Dutt will be responsible for crafting innovative, data-driven solutions to drive growth and strengthen the company’s presence globally.

“The GenX Media was driven by a profound understanding of the fragmented media landscape and the rapidly evolving digital habits of Gen Z,” said Dutt.

Dutt joined the agency to fill the gap in the market for brand gamification strategies in the region.

“Throughout my career, I’ve observed significant gaps in effective strategies for emerging platforms like Roblox, Discord, Zepeto, and Fortnite,” he said.

“These platforms represent a new frontier in advertising, where traditional methods simply don’t suffice. Recognising the shared vision, I feel privileged to join The GenX Media, a company dedicated to crafting innovative, data-driven solutions that resonate with this new generation.”

The GenX Media is happy to onboard a leader like Dutt and is confident that under his guidance, it will bring transformative changes by leveraging the unique interactive and immersive nature of Roblox and other metaverse platforms.

Dutt said, “We will utilise advanced ad tech consulting services on platforms like Roblox, Discord, Zepeto, and Fortnite to help clients reach their audience in natural and engaging ways. In a crowded digital market, we make sure companies can stand out by crafting personalized and interactive content.”

With over 50 percent of Gen Z spending time on gaming platforms rather than social media and over 30 million people playing games on Roblox and similar platforms every month, The GenX Media team believes that the future of Roblox and the Metaverse as a platform for marketing is promising.

They provide an effective medium to cater to young audiences seeking more authentic experiences and participatory content than passive consumption.

“By offering comprehensive consulting services and innovative content creation tailored specifically for platforms like Roblox and Fortnite, we aim to help brands tap into the unique preferences of the Gen Z audience and succeed in this new digital era,” said Dutt.