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TBWA\RAAD and M.A.L.I. launch the “Traditional Virginity Test” campaign, to fight the demeaning ritual of ‘virginity testing’

A study on 36 pregnant women from 2004 showed that 34 of them still had an intact hymen.

Mouvement Alternatif pour les Libertés Individuelles – Maroc (M.A.L.I. Movement) chose February the 14th, Valentine’s Day – a day that epitomizes love and togetherness, to launch a campaign against women’s ‘virginity testing’, breaking the myth of the ‘unbreakable’ hymen and shedding light on a patriarchal concept that still roams around the world, even in modern societies: ‘women’s virginity’; a symbol of women’s oppression.
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For years, bed sheets have been used for ‘virginity tes

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