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TBWA Nissan United brings ‘Nas Nissan’ to life

Nissan and TBWA Nissan United have announced a new initiative that emphasizes the intangible bond customers have built with the terrains of the Middle East, by exploring and enjoying them in their Nissan vehicles. Titled ‘Nas Nissan’, the digital initiative – that translates to ‘People of Nissan’ – underlines a series of inspiring stories and experiences from owners across the region and is set to be shared on the brand’s digital platforms through the course of the year. 

As diverse and interesting as the lands of the region, the ‘Nas Nissan’ initiative has seen the submission of a variety of interesting stories from nationals and expatriates alike. From underlining the rich heritage of the Patrol in the region, which dates back nearly 70 years, to stories that highlight the capability of the Patrol Super Safari and the thrill of driving the GT-R. Each submission is unique and a testament to the affinity that owners have towards their Nissan. 

Abdulilah Wazni, director of product, marketing, and customer experience at Nissan Middle East said: “By operating in the region for nearly 70 years, we have developed a thorough understanding of the Middle East and the people that reside within it. The ‘Nas Nissan’ initiative builds on the success of the Patrol Legends campaign launched last year and places our customers at the forefront. The unique stories submitted showcase the pride and joy of owning a Nissan in the region, and the owners who have supported the brand over years, and in several cases, across generations too.”Owners from across the region are invited to share their photos and memorable stories, using the hashtag #NasNissan on Instagram. Entrants stand the opportunity to be featured as part of a weekly series on the official @NissanMiddleEast Instagram page. 

Introducing the first story of the campaign, Mohamed Al Maflahi, resident of the UAE and owner of a Patrol Super Safari, said: “The love for Nissan is inherited from our fathers and it will be passed on to our children. The love for sand and the desert lies in our blood and this love is linked with Nissan.”

Echoing sentiments, Salim Al Balushi, founder and leader of the Oman Patrol Club, said: “Since my younger days, I’ve always dreamt of owning a Nissan Patrol. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of owning four Nissan Patrol cars, but feel the Super Safari is best suited to my lifestyle and is one of the best cars anyone could own.”

Providing a glimpse into the excitement of owning a GT-R, Dhari Alasousi, resident of Kuwait and owner of a Nissan GT-R, said: “As a young child mesmerized by cars, I used to buy video games where I could upgrade and tune the Nissan GT-R to my liking. As an adult, I am now living the dream I always had and am thrilled that I get to drive a GT-R.”

Nissan’s presence in the region dates back to 1956 when the first Patrol was introduced in Kuwait and has since become an integral part of the region’s cultural fabric. 

Creative agency: TBWA Nissan United