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The Ritz-Carlton revamps its brand with new global campaign

The campaign represents a multi-million dollar investment and marks a fresh new direction for the hotel brand

The Ritz-Carlton has launched a new global brand campaign, shifting its marketing strategy. 

The ‘leave better’ campaign represents a multi-million dollar investment and marks a fresh new direction for the hotel brand. 

It highlights the change guests undergo through travel across the brand’s hotels and resorts and with the question “How will a stay leave you?” 

Ads depict the before-after theme with artful shots of buds blossoming and seasons changing.   

It will roll out in several languages across international markets, including the United States, Japan, China, Germany, the UAE and Saudi Arabia through a  partnership with the Condé Nast network, tapping into a global audience. 

Creative will appear across print, digital video, display and paid social. 

Created in collaboration with longtime agency partner Team One, the campaign invites guests to embark on a journey of tailored experiences and comfort offered by the hotel brand. 

The international marketing push follows the refresh of its collection of websites and expands into new markets.

The makeover was executed with help from agency Code and Theory and introduced more video and visually driven elements to the brands digital presence, aiming to capture the feel of a premium, mobile-friendly online magazine.

Jamie Kerr, Senior Director Global Marketing at The Ritz-Carlton, said: “We are thrilled to introduce the Leave Better Campaign, which reflects our commitment to not only honoring our heritage as a luxury hospitality icon, but embracing the desires of our discerning guests,

“Through Leave Better, we invite travelers to journey with The Ritz-Carlton to places, moments and spaces that are marked by genuine care only we can deliver, and will encourage self-growth and discovery, staying with them long after they depart.”

‘Leave Better’ emphasises how booking a stay with the hotel can be personally enriching, leaving visitors better off than they came.

The creative takes an unconventional approach to getting the message of self-discovery across. Rather than showing guests enjoying the hotel chain’s amenities, like lounging by the poolside, it uses metaphor and abstraction to illustrate the transformative theme.

Julie Michael, CEO at Team One, said:“What sets The Ritz-Carlton apart is what guests take away from their stay: the epiphanies, new perspectives, and transformations,

“We really wanted to amplify the before-and-after moment of how The Ritz-Carlton changes you.”