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Rap Arabe

Sole DXB is holding an exclusive screening of hip hop documentary Rap Arabe during its Sneaker Summit in Al Quoz, Dubai, on 27 April. Directed by Bachir Bensaddek, the documentary looks at the rap scene in three countries (Morocco, Lebanon and Syria) and features a number of artists, including Malikah, Lil Zac and Don Bigg.


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  • The first thing that stood out to me about the video and the promotion of Arab Rap was the fact that the people in the video seemed to speaking a distinct type dialect that I have never heard before, despite being raised in a Middle Eastern household. I also think that the street element that the video boasts is a contributing element to that intriguing vibe felt throughout the video. They play on the hearts of anyone (adolescent and older) who has been through adverse situations in life and may have seen some hardship that was seemingly unconquerable at the time. I know life in the Middle East can be difficult for youth because of the perception that the outside world has of the region they live in; Arab Rap is shown as a medium of positive expression and a way for people to gather around a particular art. I really enjoyed the video.

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