PRCA research: MENA PR industry is uncertain about office return

A PRCA MENA survey of agency and in-house leaders reveals an industry divided on a physical return to the office.

The industry’s leading regional figures were asked “Which one of these statements, if any, best describes your feelings towards returning to the office?”, eliciting the following responses:

15% I would like to return to the office as soon as possible

10% I’m somewhat looking forward to returning to the office

38% I have mixed feelings at the moment

23% I’m reluctant to return to the office

15% I do not want to return to the office at all

PRCA MENA General Manager Hayley Clements commented:

“We see no industry consensus on a return to office life. While many companies in the region have returned to their premises, or intend doing so imminently, a great many have not and are hesitant about doing so. As general economic and societal confidence continues to grow, we can expect more offices to return. But it is clear that the working environment has changed, at least temporarily -possibly permanently for some.”