NNC partners with Contour Media

NNC Contour Media Partnership

National Network Communications (NNC), a full-service smart communications agency headquartered in Sharjah, UAE, has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Contour Media, an out-of-home media solutions provider, to collaborate on delivering top-tier advertising and communications projects in Sharjah.

Under the agreement, NNC will be the exclusive partner for Contour Media in Sharjah while, the latter will deliver out-of-home (OOH) media solutions exclusively to NNC within the emirate of Sharjah.

Yousef Al Taweel, founder and CEO of NNC, said: “Our commitment to ourselves, to our clients, and to the public is to create lasting, valuable impressions. The creative messages we use to achieve this goal are worth seeing in all corners of Sharjah and the UAE, that’s why we’re glad to welcome Contour Media into our network of influence. It’s an opportunity for us to further enable the reach of our 360 campaigns, and it’s a pathway for Contour to expand their brilliant OOH services into Sharjah”

The NNC CEO added: “Digital out-of-home is a powerful medium and with support from Contour Media, we can help organisations leverage the flexibility and capabilities of out-of-home media and develop bold, compelling campaigns that activate new growth opportunities. The partnership also reinforces the mutual benefits for creative agencies through collaborations that help to enhance and scale up the standards of the communications industry in today’s rapidly accelerating digital tech landscape.”

Rabieh Adnan, managing director of Contour Media, said: “Contour Media has been a mainstay provider of OOH services in the region for many years, with access to over 150 prime locations for communication displays, with many situated in the UAE. We’re excited to begin exploring the possibilities of this partnership. We’ve known for a long time that Sharjah is full of potential in terms of OOH spaces and reach, and now we have a partner who will work with us to realise this potential.”