JWT launches world’s first online brand visualisation tool

JWT has launched Brand Toys, the world’s first online brand visualisation tool.

The toys, which allow users to compare the character and personality of more than 3,000 brands across the world, analyse data from Millward Brown’s BrandZ survey in conjunction with real-time social media search and analysis. In doing so, they create visualizations of a brand’s image and personality in the form of a toy.

The creation of Brand Toys is based on the premise that brands are in danger of becoming less interesting to consumers as their experience with a brand grows. JWT believes that brand builders must therefore remember to keep their discipline creative and playful, and that brands should be treated as objects of entertainment and engagement, rather than scrutiny and conservatism.

Guy Murphy, worldwide planning director at JWT, said: “To ensure a rosy future for brands, it is crucial to consider marketing as a creative discipline. Brand Toys represents brands as consumers feel them—with personality and character, not as a series of numbers or complex mechanisms.

“The world’s growing experience with brands is leading to a global indifference to them. When brands are new to a country they are exciting, interesting, even symbols of economic prosperity. However, as brands mature in a market they can lose their shine and consumers wish to invest their time elsewhere.”

Users of the Brand Toys tool will be able to make quick comparisons between different brands, or see how a single brand performs in different countries.