JCDecaux celebrates 10 years of operations in Oman

This year 2022 marks the 10th Anniversary for JCDecaux Oman since the launch of its business in 2012 with its strategic project in cooperation with the Muscat Municipality through the Street Furniture and City Beautification Program, in addition to managing and operating commercial advertisements on the roads in the Governorate of Muscat. It is worth mentioning that the partnership and cooperation with the Muscat Municipality date to the eighties of the last century when JCDecaux supplied some street signs to the municipality at the time. In 2014, JCDecaux expanded its presence in Oman by signing an exclusive contract with Oman Airports for the Management and Sales of advertising at the airports, Muscat, Salalah, Duqm and Suhar.

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Bechir Chehab, Managing Director of JCDecaux Oman, explained that the company is distinguished in supplying services that suit the requirements of cities and airports by providing unique and innovative advertising solutions that enhance community experience as well as providing street furniture assets that contribute to serving the city’s residents. Our services in Muscat include providing bus shelters for users of public transport, benches, and self-cleaning toilets. JCDecaux is as well delighted to provide advanced, digital, and innovative advertising and marketing solutions that enable customers to reach all travelers and give the airport a unique experience. In particular I am profoundly proud of the Omani employees who are the majority working in the company. During these years, these young and passionate Omani youth were able to develop and benefit from accumulated know-how, knowledge, and experience.

On this occasion, Sayyid Shabib Harib Al Busaidi, Director General of the Directorate General of Investment and Economic Development in Muscat Municipality, congratulated JCDecaux on the passage of 10 years since its launch in the Omani market, pointing out that it is one of the leading companies in the field of street furniture and beautification of cities by providing quality services and street furniture assets with designs that suit the requirements of cities and serve the residents of the governorate. In addition, the company provides integrated solutions for managing and operating advertisements in the city in cooperation with the Municipality through a distinguished business model that enhances revenues and contributes to advertisements a part of the city’s beauty thanks to various panels of a unique format.

Sheikh Samer Ahmed Al Nabhani, Chief Commercial Officer at Oman Airports Company, stated that he welcomed the distinguished partnership with JCDecaux, which is considered number one worldwide as an operator of out-of-home advertising and is also well-known for providing its services in the largest airports around the world, and we are proud that the airports in Oman are among the airports that the company serves. Our partnership with JCDecaux comes as part of Oman Airports’ strategy in investing in the airport infrastructure in Oman through partnerships with global players, which contributes to the Government’s desired goals in making airports a gateway to the Sultanate as an attractive destination for foreign investments, and it allows us to partner with JCDecaux to reach international advertisers that will include Oman Airports in their marketing plans, which would provide a tangible addition to the passengers’ experience through our airports.

Bechir Chehab further elaborates that since the establishment of JCDecaux operations in France in 1964, its presence has been expanding to reach today over 80 countries around the world, more than 3,000 cities, and manages outdoor advertisements in more than 150 airports around the world, including the largest airports known for high passenger traffic. In addition, JCDecaux is making tangible efforts towards an optimized environmental footprint, contributing to the planet’s carbon neutrality and curbing other environmental impacts thanks to the application of best practices, by working on developing several ways to reduce energy, water and fuel consumption and to manage waste in a sound manner that focuses on reuse and recycling as well as in the selection of raw material resources to produce various environmentally friendly products. These initiatives are integrated with the pillars of Oman Vision 2040 in developing cities and improving the quality of life for the community while maintaining a sustainable environment, which allows JCDecaux to play an important role in this regard through its local presence.

JCDecaux extends its thanks and appreciation to Muscat Municipality, Oman Airports for their support to the company’s journey in Oman and to all clients and advertisers for their confidence in us.