Instagram Launches Thank You Hour

The Thank You Hour, launched yesterday at 7pm on Instagram. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world have stepped up in unprecedented ways to support friends, family and their communities – and with everyone at home, people are finding renewed appreciation for the things that help get them through the day. Now, Instagram has introduced Thank You Hour at 7pm, a new sticker and shared story that you can use to show gratitude for whatever is helping you through this time.

Here are a few quick notes:

  • The Thank You Hour sticker can be added to any Instagram story from your sticker tray — it should be the second sticker in the tray, right after Stay Home.
  • This week, starting at 7pm (your local time) each day, there will be a Thank You Hour shared story pinned to the top of your Stories tray, where you can see all the people you follow who are using the sticker.
  • Both the sticker and the shared story are available in select countries worldwide and Instagram continue to expand over the next few days.

From healthcare workers, essential workers,  small businesses, to the friends, family and at-home activities that keep you energized, they hope this is a small, but meaningful way to shine a light on what you’re grateful for right now.