FreshToHome’s Anushé Ramzi explains the growth of veganism

FreshToHome's head of marketing Anushé Ramzi comments on the growing trend of veganism and why customers are making the transition to this lifestyle.

By Sofia Serrano

A cruise around Dubai’s supermarkets will show the number of vegan products is growing. Veganism is a philosophy that “excludes all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose” according to the Vegan society. The community of vegans is constantly innovating animal-free alternatives to support the causes of cruelty-free options and health-conscious products, as well as environmentally friendly options.

People choose this lifestyle for supporting a cruelty-free world, maybe enhancing their health. There are mixed views on this last point, one considering non-meat eaters healthier and the other considering non-meat eaters prone to deficiencies. Also, people choose this lifestyle for helping the planet, because there is a tendency for some brands to combine cruelty-free with eco-friendly options. For instance, sydney brown shoes.

Lately, in the UAE, there has been a number of different vegan products that have been launched, such as the vegan cheese Violife or the plant-based butter and cream Flora Plant. Recently, the e-grocer FreshToHome launched a vegan food product range.

FreshToHome is offering a wide range of plant-based products to help people  who want to make a smooth transition into the meatless and dairy-free world. This new range of products is preservative-free plant-based products at affordable prices for those wishing to eat less meat or those who are already 100% vegan.

Anushé Ramzi

Anushé Ramzi, head of marketing & communications at FreshToHome explained the addition of the vegan options to Campaign.

Is FreshToHome trying to convert people to veganism?

FreshToHome.com (FTH) caters to a diverse customer base, offering products that are free from all chemical emulsifiers, preservatives and additives such as E471 and E472.

We offer a “fresh, never frozen” money-back guarantee on our products which are handpicked and 100% natural. Our poultry, seafood and meat products are completely free of chemicals and antibiotics.

Our aim is to provide fresh and healthy food to all our customers, whether they are meat lovers, vegetarians or vegans.

Who is the audience for these products?

FTH’s vegan food is meant for anyone who wants to add more plant power to their meals, is curious, is looking to make a transition to the meatless and dairy-free world, is 100% vegan, is a lacto-vegetarian, is cutting down on meat and dairy due to health reasons or food allergies; and/or wants something different.

What media are you using to tell the stories of these products?

To raise awareness of our vegan range, we use all our digital platforms, including our Facebook and Instagram channels, website, app and emails. We also keep our audiences updated via articles, press releases and reviews as well as print, outdoor and radio ads.

In addition, we regularly collaborate with health-conscious influencers, bloggers, journalists and fitness professionals, and participate in community events to spread the word beyond our existing customer base.

Why is FreshToHome implementing this trend? Why now?

Veganism is one the fastest growing lifestyle movements worldwide and even in the UAE, we see many of our customers making the transition to a plant-based lifestyle.

Whilst we had a small vegan-friendly offering when we launched in 2019, market research and demand have led us to invest more in this segment and make sure we have a variety of products suited for different dietary needs. It is also important for us to sell products that are tested for good taste and quality as we want to offer our customers flavourful options across all our categories.

For example, we started a collaboration with Future Farm, a leading Brazilian company that has allowed us to provide clean label [less proccessed], plant-based burgers, minced meat, meatballs, sausage and chicken, made with 100% natural ingredients but with the texture, juiciness and taste of real meat. We found that among other providers, Future Farm achieved the best results in terms of taste tests, quality and variety and we have received great feedback from our customers as well.

What is the message behind creating this section on your website?

We highlight the vegan category on our website and all our marketing collateral in order to let our customers know that they have a variety of vegan options available and do not need to look elsewhere for tasty vegan food.

Originally, our focus was on fish and seafood and we came to be recognised as a leading brand for this category. Now with a diverse mix of products, including the vegan range, our aim is to be a one-stop-shop for all customers irrespective of their dietary preferences.

Are vegan products more expensive?

This is a long-standing perception and correct in many cases. However, FreshToHome firmly believes that healthy and high-quality food does not have to be expensive. All our products, including the vegan range, are pocket friendly as we firmly believe that cost should never be a barrier to leading a healthy lifestyle.

FreshToHome is offering ready-to-cook meals, traditional Mediterranean favourites, the vegan meat range from Future Farms and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

These days we keep hearing about this trend and it seems that more brands are incorporating this philosophy in their marketing plans.