FP7 parts company with Yaish and Georr

FP7 has parted company with two of its most senior creatives.

Chief creative officer Daniel Georr and Fadi Yaish, executive creative director of FP7 Dubai, have both left the agency, although their departures are not thought to be related.

Yaish took over as executive creative director in January last year, replacing Georr, who became regional CCO. Georr has left the advertising industry altogether, while Yaish said he was weighing up his options in the UAE and abroad.

Tarek Miknas, CEO of the FP7 Group, said: “Fadi has been with us for the last five years straight and for a total of eight years in his career. He has been instrumental in raising the profile of our product. He did it in Qatar. He did it in Bahrain. And he did it in Dubai. And FP7 has been instrumental in providing him with the platform and commitment to excellence that he needed in order to do the great work that he has always done. I can just imagine the avalanche of comments on the ‘he did it in Qatar’ quote, but in reality, he really did produce world-class work from a country that’s never been so famous for it’s quality of advertising, let alone winning at Cannes. Like anyone who really challenges a market, he’s an easy target for criticism. Usually by other creatives, who, let’s face it, wouldn’t have quite minded being up on that stage and producing some of that level of product from our region.

“But five years is a long time to be in one agency. And sometimes change opens up new opportunity and provides new exciting challenges. And I believe that is what is Fadi Yaish’s next mission. He’s still, and probably always will be, someone that will keep pushing, challenging and making a difference wherever he goes to next. And it has been an agreeable separation. We supported him during all of his time at our agency and will support him even after he leaves.”

In relation to Georr’s departure, Miknas said: “Danny wanted to get out of the industry quite some time back. And when I first started, I asked him to give us a bit of time to settle. He has worked with most of the creatives in our region and was the obvious choice of someone who can bring them closer together and connect with them. So, he stayed on. But we had agreed from the start that it would not be something that was going to be forever. I knew that he wanted to pursue other things in his life, yet he wanted to have a go at the top job on the creative ladder in the network as well. So, it worked out quite well for us both. He is someone we will miss a great deal.”

It is not yet known who will replace them both. Meanwhile, Rocio Fueyo Casada has joined FP7 Doha as ACD.



  • Fadi Fadi Fadi Cheerio Cheerio Cheerio Well Done Mr T only took you a year and a half to come to your senses better late than never! – i’m guessing he will end up doing those Ad Kitchen adverts we have been seeing on our bible we call Campaign (just hope they paid good dosh for them)

  • You have to admit Fadi has been involved in some of the finest ideas from the region.

  • Absolute codswallop DM, control the truth..a lovable rogue? or a rogue loathed, creator of the biggest B.O.S cosmetically manufactured to build self face..
    an entertaining court jester yes, king of creativity..naaaah!

  • @ Neville: Yes, I used the word ‘ideas’ on purpose.
    @ tv mut: I never said he was the king of creativity.

  • Dany/fadi/kamikaze and guess who is next.
    Ghassan harfouch is next, unless Akram decide to let go of his guru son of his, and his private VR banker.
    Sources says that he frustrated since his COO and this CEO of fp7 by pass him straight to owner.
    Ultimatum has been given and final decision of harfouch will end of dec.

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