Forging meaningful connections on Saudi National Day

Ziyad Alomair

The 91st Saudi National Day is just around the corner, and for millions of Saudi viewers, this means tuning into MBC GROUP channels to watch the coverage of the nationwide festivities.

Ziyad Alomair, Director of Sector at MBC Media Solutions (MMS), MBC GROUP’s in-house commercial advertising and sales unit, revealed that 5.1M unique households were reached by MBC GROUP during National Day week last year, achieving 52 per cent share of audience and totalling 28.3M duplicated reach.

During National Day itself, which falls on September 23, MBC GROUP achieved a 4M unique household reach and a 52 per cent share of audience in 2020 as well.

“The notable reach recorded during National Day presents brands with a unique opportunity to leverage MBC GROUP’s premium content. It’s an opportunity to raise mass brand awareness by connecting with viewers’ sense of pride and love for Saudi Arabia. Luckily for brands who want to forge meaningful connections with Saudi audiences and join them in these celebrations, MMS, is offering a suite of solutions that will help them do just that.” said Alomair.

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MBC GROUP has several curated reports and segments in store for viewers, providing brands with a number of opportunities to engage audiences and build brand sentiment.

This National Day will include special segments across various shows including MBC In A Week, Sabah Al Kheir Ya Arab, 9KSA NEWS, as well as full episodes dedicated to the National Day on Sada Al Malaeb and Bil Mokhtasar.

It will also include a 14-hour coverage by prominent Saudi MBC GROUP presenters who will be reporting and celebrating with the people from various locations across KSA. A one-hour operetta featuring Saudi stars will also take place during the day.

There will also be a special radio coverage on MBC FM and a special on Al Arabiya News.

The tailored Saudi content across all MBC GROUP will highlight key Vision 2030 achievements, the history of the kingdom and its developments, the role of Saudi people within the vision and key milestones, to name a few.