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For the love of cheese! Kraft re-ignites brand love and puts cheddar cheese center stage thanks to TikTok

The ‘Kraft It’ campaign resonated with Kraft’s audiences across UAE and KSA and triggered joy amongst the community to share their cheese recipes.

Kraft, a cheddar cheese brand in the GCC owned by Arla, has teamed up with TikTok For Business to reignite the love of cheddar cheese for its customers and make Kraft cheese a cooking staple! With the hashtag ‘Kraft It’ – a campaign with a clear mission to position cheddar cheese as a key component that elevates every food moment, transforming an every day simple dish into an extraordinary culinary experience for customers.

“The unprecedented rise in both the fragmentation and consumption of digital media has, in turn, increased the importance of marrying media and content to build brand love and connect with our audience like never before. Leveraging TikTok For Business’ creative services ‘The Shop’ enabled us to shift from digital-native to platform-native content curation; making our campaign more impactful, contextual, and high performing so that it resonates well with our growing audience making them our very own brand ambassadors!” said Aya Fouad, Strategy Lead, Arla.

Kraft worked with TikTok For Business hand in hand to achieve its marketing communications objectives across UAE and KSA to put cheddar cheese back on the tables of customers, elevate the brand to new heights as well as fuel creativity amongst its customers.

With this in mind, TikTok For Business leveraged its ‘The Shop’ creative services and the channel Mealswithkraft (@mealswithkraft) was born. With ‘Kraft It’ as the overarching campaign umbrella, it housed three different concepts providing engaging, entertaining, and educational elements for the thriving TikTok community to get involved in.

To elevate the campaign even further, Kraft recruited six TikTok creators – some of the finest foodie connoisseurs in the region, Abdelaziz (@azlife.ae), Layal Harmoush Takieddine (@geminibakes), Mahmoud Efranjyeh (@mahmoud_efranjyeh), Caren Ohanessian (@carensfoodworld), FoodNnja (@foodnnja) and Luna Leez (@Luna.leez),  to create authentic, fun content that resonated with the TikTok community and helped Kraft reach new customers.

@azlife.aeشو اللي متغير فشكلي ؟ ?? ##اكلات_منتصف_الليل ##latenightsnack ##fries ##بطاط♬ Night Life – Emre Kabak & Gabidulin

@geminibakesFor those who asked for the method of the ##pizza marguerita ❤️

♬ original sound – Layal Takieddine

The result? The ‘Kraft It’ campaign swept the TikTok community by storm. The content created by utilizing TikTok For Business’ ‘The Shop’ services resonated extremely well with Kraft’s audience across UAE and KSA and triggered joy amongst the community. The content likeability factor reached a massive 95 per cent (compared to the normal 65 per cent) and 60 per cent of the audience found the content more enjoyable (vs the norm 34 per cent), thus igniting their love of cheese and shareability factor for the Kraft cheddar cheese recipes. In addition, 67 per cent of the audience felt Kraft offers something different and unique compared to other cheese brands with 61 per cent wanting to buy from Kraft compared to other brands.

Commenting on the partnership, Shant Oknayan, General Manager of Global Business Solutions across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) said: “We’re delighted to have partnered with Kraft on cultivating such an exciting campaign for the region. This partnership has pushed boundaries and brought together the perfect fusion of an integrated campaign on TikTok and shown just how highly engaged and hungry our community is for great content! Not only was the ‘Kraft It’ campaign concept native to the platform but also reflected the power our superstar creators have on creating their own spin-off authentic content which speaks volumes to our community.”

Overall TikTok For Business proved that it can deliver incredible results for Kraft in complex times by creating content that is fun, authentic and that sparks joy!