Film Production – We are ready when you are says Camouflage’s Dania Salha Quaglio & team.

Executive Producer of Camouflage Productions Dania Salha Quaglio and the rest of her team have been reflective of Film Production in the times of the Covid-19 outbreak and shared with us their thoughts

The Covid-19 outbreak has disrupted the entire film and entertainment industry worldwide; many film festivals have been cancelled or postponed, releases put on hold and, most importantly, the livelihoods of many affected within the Industry.

The reality of the matter is that we have to adapt to the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and to the new norms that will be forced on our professional lives. As we are transitioning back into a fully active economy, we have to act upon our societal duties to ensure a safe environment and embrace the norms that will become part of our practice.

Dania Salha Quaglio, Executive Producer, [email protected], 056 300 8070

DFTC and NMC have issued guidelines and regulations to be followed as filming permits are being issued again. We will strictly follow the health and safety guidelines that are in place, such as everyday sanitisation of the set, work stations, wardrobe and any equipment; restriction on number of cast and crew on set and maintaining social distancing norms; provision of masks and gloves; and a lot more measures to ensure everyone’s utmost safety. There will be on-set medical staff to take people’s temperature, monitor for symptoms and ensure any personnel who show symptoms will not be allowed into set. Lastly, we need to be ready and open to alter any regulations that would result in the betterment of a safe environment.

With all this in mind, we are looking forward to the new challenge in these unprecedented times; in many ways it will remind us of our beginnings in the industry, where we always aimed for exceptional work by relying on our creativity, limited resources and collaborations.

Keshav Purushot, Producer, [email protected]

We feel this would be the perfect time for everyone in this industry to reflect on how we should all move into the future and plan ahead along with partners and clients as we embark into a post Covid-19 world.

In the meantime, it is important that we maintain relations with our respective networks of agencies and clients. We have to assure them that we are their backbone and will always thrive to bring their visions to life under any circumstances.

During the period of lockdown, our team was busy in post-production for some projects we had shot prior to the outbreak, including an exciting project with our very own Hollywood director, Harald Zwart. We have also been offering consultations to our clients where we discussed different methods of how to approach different creative concepts and ideas that may arise in the future. Additionally, we took the opportunity to widen our network of suppliers of various departments and for various production requirements.

Khalid Jabaly, Post Production Producer and Director Researcher, [email protected]

By the time this article is out, there will have been significant progress and a clearer picture towards the post Covid-19 world, and we wish you a safe and stable journey. We are ready when you are ready.

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