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Emirates – A380

Anyone wondering what StrawberryFrog’s first TV commercial for Emirates would look like following its winning of the prized account last year, well, here’s your answer. The ad is not part of the new brand campaign that is due to be rolled out later this year.


  • I don’t agree with Mahi, as I actually think its a great commercial and exactly what the European market likes. A flair of humor and ‘showing’ the pride of the airline.

  • As any adult advertising professional would instantly realise, Giovanni & Mahi, this is not an Emirates brand spot at all. You have obviously never worked on an airline account.

    The agency undoubtedly would have cringed at the brief. And if that’s ‘humour’, OMG, I’m glad I would never get invited around to your place for dinner, Giovanni.

    This spot is in fact that gruesome mule, a co-funded piece that follows any significant aircraft purchase, where the aircraft manufacturer pays most of the cost of production and media, to produce a miserably sterile thing that pleases no audience except the Sales Manager (and his boss) of the aircraft maker and the Purchasing Manager (and his boss) of the airline, while the Marketing Director impotently grits his teeth. It’s pure political advertising.

    It’s not “the Emirates 380” at all, it’s an Airbus 380. The tagline, “A Friend of Europe”, says it all: it’s aimed to soften up all the regulators, the governments who will approve new destinations; to support the aircraft-industry ministers and to disarm anybody who feels negative about the airline. The message is: “We’re keeping you in jobs: got it? So stop moaning.”

  • Well said Sceptic – this is what happens when advertising is stripped of its marketing orientation and “creatives” exist in a utopian cloud of cigarette smoke and brain-farts.

    They don’t realize there is real work to be done and real thinking!

    And it is not endemic just in the region either.

  • So typically racist. 1000s of ‘EUROPEAN’ workers. What do they want to say? That Emirates is superior as they employ white people?

  • GREAT SPOT!! Well written and the effects are amazing! Well done Strawberry Frog. This is obviously not a brand spot, probably tactical for Europe. I mean the copy says it all: this is not intended for Dubai, this is about how amazing Emirates is in Europe by creating thousands and thousands of European jobs – exactly what European customers of Emirates want to hear. I am a big fan of this TVC! Smart job Emirates to come out with this before your new brand campaign.

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