Electriclime° promotes Mariam Gabunia to senior editor/colourist

Electriclime° announced the promotion of Mariam Gabunia to the senior editor/colourist role.

Gabunia has been part of the company’s Dubai team since she joined as a Production Assistant in the year 2019. She also held the position of junior creative role previously. 

Mariam graduated from university with majors in Digital Production and Storytelling, learning the full ropes of production and post-production.

With Electriclime°, she has been a part of projects for various brands including Mastercard, Esteé Lauder and Aldar. She will produce and create new visions and ideas as a part of her new role. 

“The favourite part of my job is telling stories,”Gabunia said. “There is so much you can show and tell through editing. Through music, sound effects and colours as well. It’s truly amazing to me and what I love most is that, like any art form, it can be interpreted in different ways, depending on whose eyes are watching your film.” 

“My experience at university was truly amazing, as this was something that I absolutely enjoyed. When I first joined Electriclime°, I really felt that the program got me well prepared for the actual work in this industry.”

Executive producer and partner of Electriclime°, Michael Ahmadzadeh, said: “We are delighted that Mariam will be the new senior editor/colourist at Electriclime°. She has played a massive part in delivering a high standard of quality work in Dubai, with her creative input and technical skills.

“As the company continues to grow in the MENA area, we have an exciting team led by senior producer Mahmoud El Masry, and we are excited to produce even more successful projects for our clients.”