The Work

Downtown Dubai – The Centre of Now

Indie outfit StrawberryFrog has released its first work for Emaar’s Downtown Dubai since winning the account in September. The work, which features the tagline ‘The Centre of Now’, is running in local and international publications. StrawberryFrog’s New York office beat Saatchi & Saatchi and Y&R to win the account.

Project The Centre of Now

Client Emaar

Creative agency StrawberryFrog


  • Wow I’ve been transported back a decade. How did that happen? Y&R where doing this stylised drivel 10 years ago. I can’t see the idea in here at all. Well executed tripe.

  • If this is what Strawberry Frog does , it makes you wonder what Saatchi and Y&R did to lose against this lol !

  • Where is the Ad in this. Too typical nothing new.!. This is one of those ready made concepts that agencies have. those concepts can be transformed based on the product. Model + (Client Product)+ Retouching = BOOM an Ad..or something looks like an Ad.

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