Campaign’s PR to Watch 2023 – Khushie Mallya, Junior PR Executive, Matrix PR

Campaign’s PR to Watch 2023 – Khushie Mallya, Junior PR Executive, Matrix PR

Age: 22

Nominated by Melwyn Abraham, PR & Digital Director:
It is no surprise that Khushie has risen to the rank of a junior executive in just six months due to her assiduousness, creativity, and autonomous aptitude. More importantly, she already handles a big folio including key tech clients, the agency’s social media platforms and contributes as a writer.

Khushie is organized in her thoughts and is a self-motivated individual who is always seeking opportunities to learn and improve. She has displayed a strong sense of creativity for social media to go along with her in-depth writing skills. She possesses solution-thinking abilities and does not hesitate to go beyond the call of duty.

She proves herself to be an asset to the team and management by issuing everyone reminders for everything from tasks, photo shoots, writing assignments or sticking to new rules. She likes to challenge herself and the rest of the team to take up new challenges. I am certain she will continue to grow in confidence and resourcefulness.

Career highlights

Communications with dual majors in Journalism and Strategic Communications, I currently work as a Junior PR Executive at Matrix Public Relations.

I have obtained several certifications through my journey, including Digital Marketing & Google Ads Certifications, HTML & CSS, behavioral psychology, and a Diploma in Human Resources Management.

I have worked as a Social Media Intern, Content Writer, Recruitment Consultant, and PR Assistant, and am now a Junior PR executive. I have also volunteered at the Emirates Literature Festival and Tender Hearts Arena.

I am also an active member of MEPRA.

Guiding principles

My guiding principles revolve around the eagerness to learn, perform, and excel in my field. I believe in constantly upgrading my skills and taking on new challenges while striving to provide the best possible service. I try and showcase my commitment to excellence and growth, striving to be an asset.

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