Campaign’s PR Faces to Watch 2020 – Omar Batterjee, Account manager, Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Campaign’s PR Faces to Watch 2020 – Omar Batterjee, Account manager, Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Age: 26

Stephen Reid, managing director, sports, entertainment and culture , Hill+Knowlton Strategies METIA: Omar is the future of communications. Someone who thinks data and digital first to deliver work that has a real purpose, supporting some of the biggest moments in the history of sport and entertainment – from the first mixed concert to the first heavyweight boxing match. An energetic Saudi, Omar is self-motivated and curious to look at what is really happening in the world today and how this relates to the kingdom. Well read, connected and ambitious, he sees endless potential to support the country’s transformation, not for the sake of PR but for the Saudi people. He believes in the good that Saudi can play but is mindful that every step forward is questioned, criticised or misunderstood. Undeterred, he has welcomed the hardest of newswire and broadcast journalists to Saudi at the toughest of times as he knows it is better to communicate than be silent.

Career highlights

During my time with H+K, I have been fortunate to have been part of a team that were recognised for their work by leading award programmes, including winning a MEPRA award two years in a row. Most recently, we won a Gold award for Best Launch/Live Event in 2019. Aside from the industry accolades, I would say the highlights of my career are the projects that I have worked on. They taught me a great deal and have made a lasting impact on their audiences. Many of my projects over the past two years focused on both national and international objectives. I have had the chance to prep and coach ministerial-level members of government ahead of major conferences such as Davos, Future Investment Initiative and MISK Global Form. I have also had the amazing opportunity to be part of the senior team that managed the holistic communication for multiple international events that aimed to bring about social change.

Guiding principles

I believe a hunger to learn is the best guiding principle. It always drives me to accept a challenge and fuels my passion.

Dream job

My dream job is to work in communication research. I find the intersection of communication and behavioural science interesting. I believe, applying behavioural science principles to improve communication should be at the heart of any campaign that aims to inspire change.

Side hustle

Currently, I am learning more and have a real thirst for knowledge on the basics of behavioural science and economics. I plan to pursue a degree in one or both of those fields. So, in preparation, I am trying to build a solid understanding of both.


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