Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Zainab Hodroj, Reporting Analyst, Mediaplus Middle East

Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Zainab Hodroj, Reporting Analyst, Mediaplus Middle East

Age: 23

Nominated by Charbel Jreijiri, General Manager:
It is not an easy task to convert data points into something visually appealing and generate insights that can benefit both the media team and most importantly clients and empowering them to take intelligent calls that would have a positive impact on the business. Zainab is someone who has the passion, knowledge and intelligence to become a lead expert in Data Analytics.

Career highlights

After finishing my Master’s degree in Business Analytics, I started my career as an intern at Mediaplus Middle East – Dubai and was promoted to Reporting Analyst shortly after with the help of my team. My interest in the convergence of data and marketing inspires me to develop reports that assist clients in implementing data-driven strategies, where I use advanced technologies to drive efficient insights and to measure the effectiveness of different media activities. This involves working with large data sets, organising and cleaning data, and using statistical methods and software tools to create meaningful reports and visualisations by utilisng results to tell stories that address business challenges.

Guiding principles

The way I approach work is by keeping an open mind and a drive for knowledge, staying up-to-date with the latest developments in my industry, and pushing boundaries to deliver optimal solutions.

My personal philosophy aligns with the words of Hans Rosling-“Let the dataset change your mindset.”

Side hustle

Beyond my professional life, I have a passion for exploring the outdoors and immersing myself in the beauty of nature through hiking. I always make sure to make time for my adventures!

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