Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Youssef Hany Tawfik, Media Manager, Initiative Media – Egypt

Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Youssef Hany Tawfik, Media Manager, Initiative Media – Egypt

Age: 26

Nominated by Mariam Medhat Wahby, Media Director:
Youssef is without doubt one of the agency faces to watch under 30 – why is that? Because I personally as his manager for the past 3 years has witnessed the exceptional growth in Youssef on a personally and professionally level. Youssef has truly shown what a person can accomplish when they genuinely work on themselves to improve, develop, learn and excel in their careers by attentively listening to constructive feedback and observing his peers to always understand more and better. His never ending curiosity in all details to further enhancing his understanding and knowledge is a key driver that will transport him to high levels in his career, definitely in addition to his energetic and friendly personality that makes it a joy for anyone to collaborate with him on a project.

Career highlights

Youssef has been in the Media industry for four years, starting off at Starcom as a media planner on one of the largest clients globally – Procter & Gamble – working on the entire business with his team gaining both an offline and online experience, including digital performance background. Youssef then joined IM – Egypt where he went on to work on a rich diverse portfolio of clients; E-Com (Amazon XCM + Prime Video), FMCG (Danone), Beauty + Personal Care (EVA, J&J),  Real Estate (Marakez) and Finance (CAE), aside from the ongoing local and regional pitches. Throughout his three years at IM, Youssef has grown into a strong, creative, eager learner and supportive Media Manager. Handling several new brand and product launches for Danone brands and being part of the EG team to launch Prime Video in Egypt for the first time ever – with successful and strong client and supplier relationships.

Guiding principles

Youssef has very strong core principles that guide him at work,  first and foremost is honesty, loyalty to his team members and clients, strong dedication and humility. These principles are apparent in his personality and work, which both his work peers and clients have been very vocal about whenever they’ve had the opportunity to work with him.

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